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         We have often been asked if we give lectures, do demonstrations , or provide group-work sessions. The answer to all three questions is yes.
         We have, in the past, given informational lectures about the positive effects of hypnosis, so if you belong to a club or organization that would be interested in having us provide a guest speaker contact us well in advance and we will endeavor to make a memorable presentation.
         Note that we also do group hypnosis sessions on company premises or in conference center settings. Whether it is a gathering of less than ten or more than a hundred group hypnosis sessions are great for teaching stress reduction techniques that take less than an hour to learn but can provide years of positive affect. If you happen to be a human resource manager there are few better ways of providing such a sustainable positive change with so little employee time invested.
          For more information just give us a call and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.



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Thank you Gainesville Ostomy Support Group for your recent warm welcome. It was a pleasure  working with you. If you are interested in our working with your group,

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