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         Quite awhile ago we started getting together with small groups of interested people in order to explore and discuss topics of hypnosis as well as a rather broad range of spiritual belief systems. In general our group usually meets in the evening for about 2-3 hours, about every 4 months. Our activities encompass conversations, hypnotic demonstrations and teachings which are offered in an unstructured way so that we can maintain a casual atmosphere of discovery. As of late we have been approached by an ever increasing group of individuals who have expressed interest in joining our monthly sessions so if you are interested let us know and we will add you to our monthly meeting email list.

          Topics discussed have ranged widely from reincarnation to basic existential questions, while techniques demonstrated in the past have included: self-hypnosis, regression procedures, and the utilization of positive affect suggestions. It is along these lines of thought that our informal gathering allows individuals to ask questions and receive feedback in nonjudgmental ways. In essence the group simply meets to ponder the question of, “What if?”

         Again if you are interested in joining us you may email or call the office and asked to be put on our group’s invitation list. Since office space is limited we tend to keep the group below ten members. We have and will move our meetings to another venue when time permits and large groups or clubs request to attend together. Feel free to let us know if you have such a situation.




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