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A Note from Richard,


Undoubtedly, when I look back over the four plus decades that my life has entailed I can, with ease, now recognize that my thoughts and associated feelings played an integral part of how I perceived, and therefore created not only my self but the world I existed in.  It is from this foundation of personal experience combined with my educational background that I have come to understand how intimately connected each individual’s life experience is linked with their own individual expectations.  Whether known or not ...often not, the individuals we work with, no matter their age are encountering barriers to who they want to be or to new and better behaviors, and therefore a new and better lives due to the inner workings of their subconscious minds.  Here at Guided Excellence we work “with” the client  on all levels so they can obtain new understandings and in cooperation with the subconscious mind build the behavior and life each individual wants and deserves.


We look forward to working with you,  Richard


Richard Van Wagner is the founding owner of Guided Excellence.  He is an honors graduate with a B. A. in Psychology from the University of Central Florida, and he has also recently received his teacher’s certification from the Florida Department of Education.  Richard has, as of August 2011, obtained a Master’s Degree in Instruction and Curriculum from the American College of Education. Richard is also certified by both the National Board of  Hypnosis Education and the National Guild of Hypnotists.

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