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After falling, a 60 year old woman was referred by her doctor for pain issues that deeply affected her mobility, to even dress herself became a burdensome chore as she had fractured ribs. After a one hour session her movement returned and daily activities were able to be resumed. She had one follow up session.


A 35 year old commercial truck driver sought help in controlling his blood pressure; as he was unable to pass the physical exam for his commercial license. Since he chose not to take prescription drugs to help with the condition, he wanted to know if hypnosis would help. We had four sessions together in which self hypnosis was taught. By his final session, he learned to bring his blood pressure down from 154 over 82 to 127 over 74 in the matter of minutes. He passed his next physical exam with out a problem.


Following her most recent dental visit, a young lady who expressed grave apprehension of dental procedures wrote, “I just wanted to tell you that yesterday I had a molar pulled. I used the relaxation method twice before and twice during the procedure. It truly helped me alleviate the stress and relax. Thank you very much!” (Note that the total time I worked with this individual was less than fifteen minutes.)


After being thrown off a horse and seriously hurt, a young lady contacted me about overcoming her fear of riding. We had a few sessions together, and she emailed me this past Easter Sunday saying, “I just wanted you to know that I had not ridden a horse off our property in over two years. Today I did and it was soooooooooooooooo AWESOME! ... thank you thank you thank you!


“Richard, at Guided Excellence Hypnotherapy, was instrumental in helping a patient learn to help himself.” Lawrence J. Sutton, DDS, PA.


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