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Listed here are some links that we feel will help supply each visitor with the tools to make an informed decision when considering hypnosis as a intervention technique.  When listed, these sites were perceived to be some of the best available, however if you find a site that you consider inappropriate, or if you feel we should add a site not listed pleases feel free to contact us.

Sites addressing life threatening and terminal illnesses:

         Butterfly Hope is a site dedicated to reaching out a helping hand by providing a wonderful forum of diverse topics to those traversing the difficult path of terminal and life threatening illness’.   

        I worked with Haven Hospice during my fieldwork experience program with the University of Central Florida in the fall of 2006 through the spring of 2007.  What I encountered was a very dedicated group whose ability to foster an atmosphere of genuine care during what is often life’s most difficult times for both patients and their families.   

Sites regarding the useful benefits of hypnosis:

       Article from the Mayo Clinic

       Hypno-birth YouTube Video

       Video news concerning cancer care and hypnosis.

       Video concerning cesarean birth using only hypnosis.

       ABC News and Diane Sawyer delve into hypnosis.

Sites for hypnotist and those that want to delve deeper into the process.

       Online hypnosis magazine

       National Guild of Hypnotists

       Clinical Hypnosis near St. Louis, Missouri

        Spirit Revival Hypnosis in West Milford, NJ
        Work with nationally known hypnotist
         Brian Belenchia and his Life Renewal System.

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