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         Some of the most popular therapies we offer deal with pain management issues. Backing these types of therapies, the June 2002 Harvard Mental Health Newsletter reported, “One of the best-confirmed therapeutic uses of hypnosis is the control of pain.” Also noted in the same newsletter, “A meta-analysis of 18 controlled studies found that hypnosis provided significant pain relief for more than 75% of the 900 patients involved in the studies.”
          There is an ever increasing body of evidence supporting the use of hypnosis to speed post-op recovery as well as dealing with pre-operational anxiety and stress as is a number of contemporary studies indicating that hypnosis has multiple applications at several differing levels of cancer care.

        Those interested in sessions concerning these types of health issues should note that we require a medical referral. We are willing to fax your doctor prior to your first appointment or if you prefer you may email us requesting a copy of our Doctor Referral Form and we'll  reply with the appropriate form attached. If you would prefer a consultation visit with us first, before obtaining a doctor’s referral, we'll be happy to accommodate you, but keep in mind that pain specific sessions require a signed doctor’s referral.



     Studies have shown hypnosis to be beneficial in helping relieve asthma, chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, and phobias....


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What is Hypnosis?.

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